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Bhoomi Amma

Bhoomi Amma, The wife of Madurai Veeran, She is a form of Mariamman at times but a single deity by her self. Bhoomi Amma is worshiped as Mother Earth the creator of all beings, Life and Death. Bhoomi Amma makes us realize that God is in everything and anything, Bhoomi in Translated into "Earth" - Amma Meaning "Mother". Mother Earth has made all objects onto this Planet and bares our pressure at the palms of her hands, We pray to her in thanks for all Ingredients in Mothers Puja. Without Bhoomi Amma we would not be able to offer Puja leaves because how and where would it be able to grow, we could not offer a Garland in respect to her because how will the flower turn out to its beautiful way?. All Items are harvested at first before it turns out the way it is, But without the blessings of Bhoomi Amma - Mother Earth how will anything come to its full being.

Bhoomi Amma is also well known as Prithivi Maa or Dharti Maa. In the Sacred Maha Shiv Puran Prithivi Maa was blessed with a son by Lord Shiva, Her son was Mangala. In Jyotish astrology Mangala (Devangari) Is the name for Mars - the red planet. Mars is also called Angaraka ('one who is red in color') or Bhauma, (son of Bhumi) In Sanskrit He is the god of war and is celibate. He is considered the son of Bhoomi - Prithivi. The Earth Goddess. He is the owner of Aries and Scorpio signs, and a teacher of the occult sciences (Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga).

Once when Lord Shiva was engrossed in 'deep meditation' (Sansrit: samādhi) upon his abode Mount Kailash, three drops of perspiration originated from his forehead and fell down on the earth. From those drops manifested a very beautiful infant, who was of reddish complexion and who had four arms.

The child was handed over to the earth goddess, Bhumi for upbringing by Lord Shiva. The child was named Bhaum as he was nurtured and brought up by 'Bhumi' (earth).

When Bhaum grew up, he went to Kashi and did a tremendous penance to please lord Shiva. Lord Shiva blessed him by granting him 'Mangala loka (the Abode of Mangala), which was superior even to the 'Shukra loka' (the Abode of the god of Venus - Shukra). The same 'Bhauma' is established in the solar system by the name of Mangala (the planet Mars)