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Kateri Amma

'Kateri Amma' in Translation means (Vampire). Kateri Amma is a form of Nav durga known as "Katyayani", in Gujarati Terms she would be referred as "Bahuchara Maa". Kateri - Katyayani is the Sixth form of Nav Durga. She was created to cure all sicknesses and Diseases, in this Dark age of Kalyuga. Kateri works hand to hand with her close sister Ganga maa. Kateri Represents a Dark tone image, seen riding a (Black Horse). Parmeshwari the Avatar of Kateri was Created by Bhadra Kali. When Bhadra Kali Created Parmeshwari she made both a 'Dark' Female and Male Deity, which was Dee Baba (Form of Sangani) and Parmeshwari. Kateri Amma is worshiped as a "Kaval Deivam", She accepts all alcoholic beverages - Mostly White and Brown Rum. Followed with (Cigars) and (Cigarettes). What Kateri Amma mostly uses the White rum for is . . . She would ask for a Female to offer her the white rum, White meaning pure so when it flows through the body of the Female it can cure and cleanse the inside. Why Rum? and not Water?, The taste of the Rum and the liquid is very Bitter with a burn, It will stream through the body and burn out all the unaware problems. One dose not need to drink the Alcohol, but may only offer it to her, With the power and Shakti of this Devi she can cure your body by drinking the Alcohol. The main issue that Kateri Amma takes care of is Stomach Problems and women with menstrual cycle problems, Kateri Amma can go into the Deepest and Darkest places of the human body to cure.