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Lakshmi Amma

Shri Lakshmi Amma is the goddess of wealth, light and prosperity.she was the one that blessed Shri Ganesh that he will never be hungry and his devotee's will worship him with ladoo's that's why in most pictures he is shown with one in his hand. Lakshmi Amma's husband is Lord Vishnu because when they were churning the sea (Heaven vs Hell) she came out of the ocean so the Demons wanted her because of her wealth and they kept on arguing on who will get her on their side, that's when lord Vishnu proposed to Lakshmi Amma and made her his wife so now she resides on the feet of the Naag bed he resides on and is protected from the demons. Women believe that praying to Goddess Lakshmi and observing a 16 week devotional fast for her also helps keep a strong and happy marriage. Lakshmi Amma is also quite known from the celebrations of Deepavali "Diwali" the night of lights where devotees all across the world light lamps and fireworks to brighten the pathways for Shree Ram as he enters back into the village and since Goddess Lakshmi is the giver of light she is worshipped that night.