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Madurai Veeran

Madurai Veeran (Tamil: மதுரை வீரன், Maturai Vīraņ lit. Warrior of Madurai) is a Tamil folk deity popular in some areas of Tamil Nadu, India. His name suggests an association with the city of Madurai and a warrior past. The deity is also popular amongst certain segments of the Tamil diaspora in Réunion and the French overseas territories in the Caribbean sea. He is known as the son of 'Amman' amongst the South African Tamils.

HE was born to Raja of Kasi [Banarars] SRI, THULASINGAM and queen KARPAGAVALLI.

After some ten years of marriage, that too after their prayers and ANNA DHANAM for years,a prince was born, but with umbilical cord around HIS neck, which was considered as bad Oman. The ministers, and astrologers alike, advised the king to abandon the child at the forest to avoid ruin of the country. So, with heavy heart, the king ordered the palace maids to leave the boy at the border forest.

Madika chinnan who was living with his wife in a hut near the forest, who have no child. Madaka chinnan’s wife as usual went to the forest to collect AVARAM PATTAI, a bark of a plant which is used to color the shoes, heard the cry of a child and searched here and there to locate it. Finally she has located the child which is very handsome and looks like a royal child. She looked around and waited there to see, the mother or any relations coming there to take the child. Mrs Chinniu waited for a long time consoling the child, but none came. So, she took the child to her hut to the delight of her husband. Forgetting all other work, they nourished the child with milk, and fearing some one may come to claim the child, they hurriedly vacated their lonely hut, and they walked fast to cross the border of that state with child canceled.

Taking very little rest, they walked several days to reach the boundaries of Raja BOMMANNAN state. Having heard their flight, the Raja appointed Mr. Madika Chinnan as watchman at the palace. Having settled there, they named the boy child as MUTHU KUMARAN, and nourished the child and when the boy reached the age of five, they send HIM to an ASRAMAM, [SCHOOL] for education. There our Veeran was thought some fundamental education and also self defense techniques such as chilambattam, sword fight and horse riding etc.

Days went by, our Veeran who has completed the education, attained the youth age. Around that time Raja BOMMANNAN’S daughter Bhoomi came to age, and according to their custom, the princess was to be kept separately far away from the palace, so a separate well built hut with all facilities was built for her stay during her periods. The Raja, appointed Madika Chinnan as watchman there. With in two days Chinnan fell ill, and so he asked his son to look after his duty. That night there was heavy rain, but Veeran even though drenched in rain, was on his duty. Seeing this, the princes asked her maids to ask him to come inside the huge hut. He came reluctantly and met the princes and conveyed His thanks, but she refused it because she thought it improper to talk with a cobbler’s son. Our Veeran told her that HE is a prince of Kasi, and narrated her His story. Soon both fell in love, and next night they deserted the hut using the palace horse, and reached the Cavery river border.

In the morning this news reached the king, and he after gathering his army went in search of them, and the Raja directed them to form different groups and search in different directions. Finally the Raja with his few troops, on the next day before sun rise located a camp at the river bed, and they fought with the lone Veeran, and at end Veeran annihilated all of them, including the Raja, single handedly. He then performed the funeral of the BOMMANNAN, along with HIS crying wife Bhoomi.

The Raja of Thiruchirapplli, VIJAYARANGA CHOKKALINGAM, was watching these events during his morning walk from the top of his palace. Having seen the valor of our Veeran, he sends his men and called HIM and appointed HIM as a commander in his army.

One d y the ruler of Thruchirapplli, invited his friend Naiker king to attend a function at his palace. Thirumalai Naiker attended the function, and during that he heard the valor of Veeran told by his counterpart. Naiker, hearing this asked his friend to spare Veeran, and took HIM along with him and appointed HIM as commander to combat the thieves gangs, to the envy of the other commanders.

After assuming in charge, HE, with HIS men raided their hideouts at the forest, and day by day HE was being called as MADURAI Veeran, conquered most of them and asked them to surrender their arms, and got pardon for them from the King as they promised to leave this unholy job and return to normal life. There was one Sangili Karuppan group which fought with HIM, and later that infamous group loosing their men lastly surrendered after severe fight. Later Sangili Karuppan turned himself as a pious man.

On HIS night rounds, around the palace, HE noticed a beautiful lady, a dancer of the palace named Vellai Amman looking at HIM, and later love developed among them, and they usually met at the palace surroundings. One night while they are in love, the other commanders who were envying HIS position, took him under cover of a gunny bag, and told the king that some thief has entered the palace at night and they have captured him alive, and the king without any inquiry asked the commanders to sewer HIS alternative limps as punishment. They carried out the punishment hurriedly at the same night. Hearing this sad news, both Bhoomi Amman and Vellai Amman rushed to that spot and seeing that horrible seen, both of them fell on HIS body and died. Later at dawn according to our Guru, Veeran came back to life and he severed HIS own head also and collecting all limps, entered a cave inside the Meenakshi Temple. This cave is still at this temple now sealed.

Thirumalai Naiker later on realizing his mistake in punishing Madurai Veeran, built a temple for HIM at the south entrance gate of MADURAI MEENAKSHI AMMAN TEMPLE.