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Sri Muneswaran Appa - Munespring Baba

Lord Sri Muneswarar may be quite unknown to many but he is a powerful God and has an interesting origin.

Long before our time, in ancient India lived King Thakshar who was Lord Siva's father in law. One fine day, he decided to perform a special pooja called the Achvametha Yagam. Unfortunately he did not invite Lord Shiva to the Yagam. Brahma, Vishnu, Indra, the Thevars and Maha Rishis strongly requested that Lord Siva be invited but King Thakshar was indeed stubborn. He flatly refused.

He continued to conduct the Yagam without giving Lord Shiva his share of the Avir. Lord Shiva's anger was apparent. King Thakshar was cursed by Nandhithevar, who sits at the base of Lord Siva's idol , and Sivanintahi resulted. The Yagam did not end. Lord Siva's anger exploded. Frightful Veeera Pathirar, Lord Siva's guard, appeared angrily from the Yagam.

And from the Lord Shiva's face came Sri Muneswaran who took seven incarnations - Sivamuni, Mahamuni, Thavamuni, Naathamuni, Jadamuni, Tharammamuni and Vaazhamuni. This he did to protect the souls.

Om veenam thandatharam deivam jada magudatharam bakthabishtha

varapratham bayaharam abayatham maha muneeswaram

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