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Naguran Swami - Saint Kabir

  Shri Nagurain Swami, The Avatar of Saint Kabir or Rasool Allah. Nagurain Swami came into the world to to Create peace, In quoting words of poetry. He is the holder of the "Holy Qur'an", He lived the life of Shiridi Sai baba also, Muslims believed he was sent by Allah and Hindus believed he was sent by Shri Krishna. Because he knew the Hindu Scriptures and the Words from the Qur'an.

Many believed he was fake and came to rob and charge profits, But he was there to enlighten the thoughts of the People of how All Religions are one in many names, God is all one man but in many faces, We call the lord in different names of his Shakti (Power) but not showing Bhakti (Devotion). Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians at the time were at war because of "Religion", So when Shri Nagurain came he lived in a small cave that he made into his home. He held classes on Teachings of culture and Religion, to cause peace and clear the ego of ones mind. When his work was finish he died, but all they found in his casket was flowers and no body, and the Garland that was on his neck appeared on Shri Krishna's idol, showing that he was an incarnation of God.

Nagurain Swami is the controller of our 5 senses (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, Smell.)

When Bhadra Kali was in the Battle against the Powerful Demon King Rakabeaj Nagurain came to help her Fight and that is why he is worshiped today is Kali Mai Mandirs

He is one of the saints in the 9 gins of the Muslim Religion and is known as Rasool